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Best Fidelity Mutual Funds for Roth IRA

Best Fidelity Mutual Funds for Roth IRA

Investing smart in your Roth IRA is key. The right mutual funds at Fidelity can really boost your savings over time. We’ve carefully selected top Fidelity Mutual Funds that are great for your Roth IRA.

To find the best Fidelity Mutual Funds for Roth IRA, we looked at many aspects. We chose funds with low fees, a minimum track record of 10 years, and Morningstar ratings of three stars or more. Our picks include a mix of index and actively managed funds, across various investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right mutual funds can optimize your Roth IRA savings.
  • Fidelity offers a range of funds with diverse investment strategies.
  • Our selections include low-cost index funds and actively managed funds.
  • We considered fees, Morningstar ratings, and track records in our analysis.
  • Stay tuned to discover our expert picks for the best Fidelity Mutual Funds for Roth IRA.

About Fidelity and Roth IRAs

Fidelity is a leading financial company. They provide services in investment management, and wealth management. Known as FMR LLC, they manage over $11.5 trillion in assets.

Roth IRAs are special retirement accounts. Investors add money after tax and later take it out without taxes. Fidelity offers great choices for Roth IRAs, like mutual funds and ETFs.

Investment Management Services

Fidelity is a top choice for managing investments. They help both people and groups meet their financial aims. Their services include managed funds, ETFs, brokerage, wealth management, and estate planning.

Working with Fidelity means more investment options and advice. This helps Roth IRA owners make smart choices and look after their accounts well.

Fidelity’s Commitment to Quality

Fidelity is all about quality and client value. Their experts do deep research to find the best places to invest. Focused on lasting growth and risk management, Fidelity aims to offer great returns.

The company’s customer support is also highly praised. They have teams ready to help with any investment issue or question. Overall, Fidelity stands out as a top pick for Roth IRA investors.

Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX)

The Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX) is great for those wanting a wide stock portfolio. It aims to copy the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index’s performance. This lets investors own many U.S. stocks.

FSKAX stands out because it costs very little to invest in, with a 0.015% expense ratio.

This means you can own a lot of U.S. stocks without high fees.

By December 31, 2023, FSKAX managed $83.4 billion, meaning many investors like it. It gained 20.97% in the past year. So, it’s attractive for growth-minded investors.

Investing in FSKAX links your money to a wide U.S. stock selection. It builds a strong base for growing your investments over time. This is true whether you know a lot about investing or are just starting.

To get a better idea of how FSKAX has performed, check out this image:

Take the chance to invest in the Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX). It’s a smart way to add U.S. stocks to your investment mix. This can lead to long-term financial growth.

Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund (FXNAX)

The Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund (FXNAX) is ideal for those that prefer low-risk investments. It focuses on tracking the performance of the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index. This gives investors a wide range of high-quality U.S. bonds.

The fund is efficient with its low 0.025% expense ratio. It holds $58.5 billion in assets as of December 31, 2023. This shows it’s a popular choice for those interested in fixed-income options.

Investing in FXNAX helps diversify your Roth IRA. This can lower the risk in your portfolio and improve returns. It mainly invests in U.S. bonds, aiming to keep your money secure while generating income over time.

The one-year total return for FXNAX was 2.06% as of December 31, 2023. While not high growth, the fund focuses on providing stability and income. This makes it a good fit for balancing a Roth IRA and reducing risk.

Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund

Key Features of Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund (FXNAX)

  • Expense ratio: 0.025%
  • Objective: Track the performance of Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index
  • Asset Class: Fixed Income
  • Investment Type: Broad-based bond fund
  • Minimum Initial Investment: $2,500
  • Manager: Fidelity

In short, the Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund (FXNAX) is great for those who seek safety and income. It’s cost-efficient and focuses on a variety of U.S. bonds. Adding FXNAX to your Roth IRA can help meet your financial goals for the future.

Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX)

Want to invest in the U.S. stock market? The Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX) is a great option. It’s a low-cost and diversified fund. FXAIX lets you own stocks in big U.S. companies through the S&P 500 index. It only costs a little to invest, with an expense ratio of 0.015%. This fund manages $534.0 billion in assets. It’s a smart way to be part of the U.S. stock market’s growth.

Putting money in big U.S. companies can be smart. They are usually the best in their fields. These companies can be stable and grow over time. With FXAIX, you can mix up your investments and ride the U.S. stock market’s ups and downs.

The Fidelity 500 Index Fund is great for any investor. It follows the S&P 500 index closely. This makes it a good choice for investing over a long time.

Using FXAIX can help you grow your money in the U.S. stock market while keeping costs low. Think about adding the Fidelity 500 Index Fund to your Roth IRA. It’s straightforward, helps spread your risk, and could bring in bigger profits over the years.

Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund (FSPGX)

The Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund (FSPGX) focuses on large-cap stocks. These stocks must show growth in sales and profits. We pick these stocks from the Russell 1000 index based on growth metrics.

This approach helps our investors get into growth-oriented companies. These are mainly in sectors like technology.

FSPGX manages $22.7 billion in assets. It has an expense ratio of just 0.035%. This makes it a cost-effective choice for getting into a varied portfolio of large-cap growth stocks.

By investing in FSPGX, you get a shot at long-term growth. Plus, you get to benefit from strong company performances.

Fidelity believes in taking a smart approach to investing. This is why the FSPGX is all about a growth-oriented strategy. We use our knowledge to pick out promising companies. Our goal is to help investors reach their long-term financial aspirations.

Investing in FSPGX means being a part of companies that aim for growth. Whether your focus is retirement or other goals, FSPGX could lead to big rewards over time.

As the chart shows, FSPGX has grown steadily over the years. It reflects the fund’s strategy of picking large-cap stocks with growing sales and profits.

By investing in FSPGX, you’re turning to a strategy that focuses on growth. This could help boost your investment returns over time.

Next off, let’s dive into a thrilling option for those eyeing a balanced Roth IRA investment approach.

Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX)

The Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX) is a top choice for a Roth IRA. It’s perfect for those wanting a mix of safety and growth. This fund picks stable, big companies that pay dividends and might increase in value. By putting your money in FGRIX, you get a mix of income and chances to see your investment grow.

Key companies in FGRIX include Exxon Mobil, a giant in oil and gas, Wells Fargo in finance, and Nvidia in tech. These companies have done well over time. They help keep the fund strong and growing, too.

FGRIX holds $10.4 billion in assets, showing it’s a big deal in the fund world. Its cost to you is an expense ratio of 0.58%. This is pretty low, which means more of your money stays in your account. Over time, this can lead to better returns for you.

Investing in FGRIX gives you two key benefits: regular dividends and a chance for your investment to grow. Dividends mean you get money back regularly. Growth in the companies’ value offers a chance for your investment to become more valuable over the years. This mix works to build wealth for you over time.

To lower the risk, FGRIX spreads your money across many sectors and industries. This helps protect you. If one company doesn’t do well, it won’t hurt the whole fund by a lot.

In short, for a smart choice in your Roth IRA, FGRIX is worth a look. You’ll get a mix of established companies, dividends, and the potential to see your investment grow. Add in its smart diversity and low cost, and it’s a great way to work toward your long-term financial dreams.

Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX) Image

Fidelity OTC Portfolio (FOCPX)

The Fidelity OTC Portfolio (FOCPX) lets investors explore unique companies off the New York Stock Exchange. It focuses on the Nasdaq and over-the-counter market. Here, you can join the growth of innovative companies.

FOCPX manages $29.2 billion and charges 0.79% for its services. It has about 160 different investments. The fund aims to find companies that lead in innovation and change how industries work.

It’s a good choice for those who want to invest long-term in exciting companies. Putting money in FOCPX means you could own parts of companies that are leading in tech, health, and consumer items.

Why choose FOCPX?

  • Exposure to innovative and non-traditional companies
  • Focus on securities from the tech-heavy Nasdaq exchange and over-the-counter market
  • Diversified portfolio of about 160 positions
  • Opportunity for long-term growth

Adding FOCPX to your portfolio is a great move. It broadens your investments across many sectors. This fund targets the potential growth in the finest businesses, making it a thrilling choice for those thinking long-term.

Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio (FSELX)

The Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio, or FSELX, is a mutual fund focused on semiconductor company investments. It targets businesses that design, make, repair, or sell semiconductor parts. By investing in FSELX, you get a chance to be part of the quickly growing semiconductor sector, well-known for its innovation.

FSELX has $17.1 billion in assets under management. It’s run by a seasoned team that picks semiconductor stocks for their potential growth over time. The fund has a low expense ratio of 0.69%. This makes it appealing for investors interested in the semiconductor field.

Through FSELX, you own a mix of semiconductor stocks, like those of Nvidia, NXP Semiconductors, and ON Semiconductor. These are all top companies driving technological innovation. They stand to gain from the rising demand for semiconductor components across industries.

As tech grows and impacts areas like AI, cloud computing, and EVs, the need for semiconductor parts will soar. Investing in FSELX means you might seize on this growth. Plus, you could see returns from big semiconductor players’ success.

To learn more about the semiconductor industry’s importance and future, check out this infographic for better insights.

Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX)

The Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX) is great for investors who want steady income and safety. It invests in many high-quality bonds. This makes it a good choice for anyone seeking low risk.

It has about $9.8 billion in assets under management. The fund mainly picks bonds from financially strong companies. This lowers the chance of losing money and boosts investor trust.

FBNDX has a low expense ratio of 0.45%. This means more of your money works to earn you returns. In the long run, this can add up to more income for you.

One standout feature is its 4.7% dividend yield. This means you can count on a nice chunk of money back. It’s perfect for those relying on their Roth IRAs for regular income.

FBNDX has a mix of corporate, government, and mortgage bonds. This mix reduces the risk if one bond doesn’t do well. Diversification like this is key in safe investing.

In addition to regular income, you might see these bonds’ values go up. This could happen if interest rates change or the bonds’ quality improves. So, you could make money on top of your regular returns.

In short, if you’re looking for a safe, income-generating Roth IRA choice, think about FBNDX. It’s low-cost, pays out well, and spreads investments across different bonds. This offers a smart path to steady income and security in your investment.


Choosing the right Fidelity Mutual Funds for your Roth IRA needs thinking about your goals and how much risk you’re okay with. Think about the time frame you’re aiming for as well. The funds we talked about here give a wide range of choices. You could go for general market growth, focus on one type of market, or find a balance. Fidelity offers many funds to fit your financial dreams.

Make sure you look at each fund’s details and talk with a money expert. Before you put your money in, getting the right Fidelity Mutual Funds can boost your savings. This could make a big difference in how you live after you stop working.


What are Fidelity Mutual Funds?

Fidelity Mutual Funds are investments handled by Fidelity. They take money from many people. Then, they use it to invest in many different stocks, bonds, and securities.

What is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is a special account. You can put your own earned money in it. After that, you can take that money out later on without paying taxes. It’s great for saving for your retirement without extra tax costs.

How do I choose the best Fidelity Mutual Funds for my Roth IRA?

When picking Fidelity Mutual Funds for your Roth IRA, think about what you want from your investment. Also, consider how risky you’re willing to go and how long you want to invest. Look at the fees, how well the funds have done, and what they’ve invested in. And always read what each fund is about first. It’s smart to talk to a finance expert before you decide.

What is the Fidelity Total Market Index Fund?

The Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX) tries to do as good as the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index. It gives you a wide look at lots of U.S. stocks.

What is the Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund?

The Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund (FXNAX) watches how the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index does. It gives you a varied mix of U.S. bonds.

What is the Fidelity 500 Index Fund?

The Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX) aims to match the S&P 500 index. This index is made of the top 500 U.S. companies. It gives you a big look at the U.S. stock market.

What is the Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund?

The Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund (FSPGX) picks big companies that are growing fast. It chooses from the Russell 1000 index. This fund focuses on companies with rising sales and profits.

What is the Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio?

The Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX) looks for stable companies. These companies pay dividends and can grow in value. It mixes stocks that pay dividends with growth stocks.

What is the Fidelity OTC Portfolio?

The Fidelity OTC Portfolio (FOCPX) invests in new or less common companies not on the New York Stock Exchange. It focuses on tech companies on the Nasdaq and others on over-the-counter markets.

What is the Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio?

The Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio (FSELX) invests in companies that make electronic parts like semiconductors. It lets you be a part of the growing tech side of the market.

What is the Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund?

The Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX) is for people who like less risky investments. It includes many types of safe bonds. This brings reliability and profit to your Roth IRA.

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