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Best Fidelity IRA Funds

Best Fidelity IRA Funds

Strengthening your retirement savings is crucial. At [our website name], we’ve gathered the best Fidelity IRA funds to guide you in reaching your financial dreams. These funds are ideal for those seeking to begin or grow their investment journey. They aim to offer solid returns, aiding in the creation of a secure retirement fund.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right Fidelity IRA funds is crucial for maximizing retirement savings.
  • When choosing funds, look at factors like low fees, Morningstar ratings, and performance.
  • A mix of index and actively managed funds can boost your portfolio’s diversity.
  • Fidelity is a highly regarded investment platform known for its broad range of services.
  • With Fidelity IRA funds, you can personalize your investments to match your risk tolerance and goals.

Why Invest in Fidelity IRA Funds?

Fidelity stands out in the financial world with a broad array of investment options. Many investors trust their mutual funds. Since the end of World War II, Fidelity has set the standard in retirement savings, especially with 401(k)s.

Picking the right Fidelity mutual fund depends on what you need. Fidelity knows everyone has different financial goals. They offer many choices for investing, whether it’s for retirement, college savings, or to grow your money. Fidelity IRA funds give you the flexibility to match your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial situation.

Screening Criteria for Best Fidelity IRA Funds

We picked Fidelity IRA funds with care, focusing on what matters to investors. It’s key to choose funds that match their goals. We’ve sifted through many to find those bringing good growth and security.

Fee Management

Picking funds with low fees is part of our method. Fees less than 0.50% can boost long-term gains for investors. We choose Fidelity IRA funds with good fees to offer a smart investment choice.

Morningstar Ratings

We look at Morningstar ratings, which gauge how well funds perform. Choosing Fidelity IRA funds with three stars or more ensures they do well consistently. Such ratings help investors pick wisely based on a fund’s risk and returns.

Track Record

A fund’s history is vital in our choosing. We search for funds with at least a 10-year record, showing they can handle ups and downs. This deep past shows how well they’ve done, giving investors more trust in their picks.

Investment Categories

We also highlight broad, popular investment types. We skip over unusual or niche funds to focus on those investing in strong assets. This way, investors get access to funds that have done better than their peers.

The Fidelity Growth Company Fund and the Fidelity Contrafund stand out for meeting our criteria. They offer strong gains, have low costs, and fit into common investment areas. With solid Morningstar scores, they’re good picks for those wanting growth and spread.

Our careful criteria lead us to Fidelity IRA funds that can grow over time. It helps investors feel sure about their choices and reach their financial targets. Watch for more tips on specific Fidelity IRA fund types in our future parts to guide your investments further.

Best Fidelity Index Funds for IRAs

Building a great IRA portfolio means choosing smart investments. Two top picks at Fidelity are the Fidelity 500 Index Fund and the Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund. These funds offer wide-market access, low fees, and they can grow over time.

The Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX)

The Fidelity 500 Index Fund is perfect for those interested in the U.S. stock market. It follows the S&P 500, including the biggest U.S. companies. This means investing in well-known, stable companies.

This fund has very low costs, with fees of just 0.015% of your investment yearly. That’s $1.50 for every $10,000 you invest. It has over $534.0 billion in assets, making it a low-cost way to invest in many companies.

The Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund

The Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund is great for IRA investors. It focuses on big companies expected to grow. By investing here, you hope to see your capital grow over the long term.

Similar to the Fidelity 500 Index Fund, it has low fees to help you make the most of your investment. The exact costs might change, so check the fund’s details for the latest information.

Fidelity Index Funds

Adding the Fidelity 500 Index Fund and the Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund to your IRA can be smart. They have low fees and offer access to many companies. This means you can invest in established companies and have a chance for your money to grow over time.

Best Fidelity Actively Managed Funds for IRAs

Fidelity offers active funds for those wanting more control. Experienced managers lead these funds. They actively choose where to invest and manage risk. Two top choices for IRAs are the Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX) and the Fidelity OTC Portfolio.

Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX): This fund manages $10.4 billion. It focuses on strong, established companies. It mixes dividend stocks with chances for growth. Important fields are energy, banking, and tech. It has a 1.4% dividend yield, balancing income and growth well.

Fidelity OTC Portfolio: The Fidelity OTC Portfolio invests in companies outside the S&P 500. It targets smaller, new companies. These include tech, health, and consumer goods. With $24.9 billion under its watch, it offers chances for growth and diversification.

These funds, like the Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio and the Fidelity OTC Portfolio, boost IRAs with their expert strategies. They suit those who like to be more hands-on. Remember, though, active funds usually cost more than index funds. Think about your goals, how much risk you’re comfortable with, and the fund’s past performance before you invest.

Best Fidelity Bond Funds for IRAs

Bond funds are key for a stable and income-producing investment portfolio. The Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX) is a great choice for IRAs. It focuses on offering reliability and stable performance, making it a strong option for those seeking income and stability.

The fund manages a massive $9.8 billion in assets with a low expense ratio of 0.45%. This means investors can keep more of their returns. It uses a variety of U.S. investment-grade bonds, providing a balanced, low-risk approach for your IRA.

When looking at bond funds for IRAs, the yield they provide is important. FBNDX has a nice trailing yield of 4.7%, which means steady income for investors. This is great for retirees or those wanting to add to their retirement savings’ income phase.

Adding the Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund to your IRA brings in fixed-income investments. These typically have less risk than stocks. This helps balance and lower the risk of your investment mix.

By choosing FBNDX for your IRA, you get stability and the chance for income growth. It focuses on quality bonds, has strong management, and offers a nice yield. This makes it a good pick for stable income in your IRA.

Key Features of the Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX):

  • Assets under management: $9.8 billion
  • Expense ratio: 0.45%
  • Trailing yield: 4.7%
  • Investment focus: U.S. investment-grade bonds

Bring stability and income to your IRA with the Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund. Diversify your portfolio and set yourself up for financial success in the long run.

Diversification with Fidelity Sector Funds for IRAs

Diversification is key in investing. It helps lower risk by putting money in different areas. Fidelity sector funds let you do this within industries like tech.

The Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio (FSELX) is a top choice. It focuses on companies making electronic parts. This includes those designing, making, and selling these components. It lets you invest in a field that drives new tech and innovations.

FSELX has grown to $17.1 billion in assets. It’s a favorite for those wanting to grow their tech investments. Plus, its costs are low at just 0.69% per year. This makes it affordable to invest in semiconductor companies.

Adding FSELX to your IRA can balance your investing, blending with other areas. Diversifying can lessen the harm of market changes in one area. It also brings chances for growth.

By using funds like FSELX in your IRA, you build a safe and diverse investment. It fits your goals and limits how much risk you take.

Benefits of Sector Funds

Sector funds have their perks:

  • Targeted Exposure: You can focus on certain industries with sector funds. This helps you make the most of growth in tech or other sectors.
  • Diversification: Adding sector funds to your IRA can spread risk. You’re not as tied to just one industry.
  • Potential for Growth: Sector funds let you aim for growth in specific areas. By choosing funds like FSELX, you might benefit from the tech industry’s progress.

In the end, funds like FSELX are great for making your IRA more varied. They can boost your chances for doing well in tech.

Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio

Tax Advantage of Roth IRAs with Fidelity Funds

Roth IRAs have big tax advantages, like tax-free withdrawals in retirement. When you put money into a Roth IRA, it’s already taxed. In comparison, traditional IRAs are funded with money not yet taxed.

Being able to take out money from your Roth IRA tax-free later can really boost your retirement savings. It means more money in your pocket when you need it most.

Fidelity is a well-known place to invest. They offer lots of ways to put your money in a Roth IRA. Plus, you get their investment know-how.

Choosing Fidelity for your Roth IRA gives you lots of investment options. Their funds let you build a portfolio that matches what you want to do with your money. And they’re good for growing your savings over time.

With Fidelity managing your Roth IRA, you can trust they have your best interests at heart. Their great service and investment choices are a win for many people saving for retirement.

If you’re looking to save money for retirement, think about Fidelity Roth IRAs. They can help you save on taxes and grow your money. It’s a smart move to start with Fidelity today.

Key Benefits of Fidelity Roth IRAs:

  1. Tax-Free Withdrawals: Get the perk of tax-free money in retirement, giving you more for your future plans.
  2. Flexibility: Pick from many different funds to make a mix that fits your goals and comfort with risk.
  3. Long-Term Growth Potential: Leverage Fidelity’s knowledge for a better chance at growing your retirement savings over time.
  4. Trusted Institution: Feel secure putting your money in Fidelity, a respected and long-standing financial company.

To get the most from your retirement savings and tax breaks, consider Fidelity Roth IRAs. Open a Fidelity Roth IRA now for a tax-free retirement later.

Considerations for Investing in Fidelity Roth IRAs

Investing in Fidelity Roth IRAs comes with some important things to think about. You need to look at the fees and the least amount you can invest.

Opening a Roth IRA with Fidelity is smooth and doesn’t cost any money. There are no fees to open an account or yearly fees for having a Roth IRA. But remember, there might be fees on the investments you choose.

Fees matter a lot because they can reduce how much you earn over time. Picking funds that don’t charge a lot is smart. Fidelity has many mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and options without commission fees. This makes it cheaper for investors to create a diverse portfolio.

Minimum investment requirements show the least amount you can put in a fund or option. Fidelity offers many investments with different needs. Be sure to check these needs against what you can invest.

Thinking about fees and minimum investments helps you choose well for your Fidelity Roth IRA. Remember, picking the right investments for your goals and how much risk you can handle is key.

Are you ready to invest in a Fidelity Roth IRA and enjoy tax benefits? Look into Fidelity’s options and start your Roth IRA today.

Best Fidelity Funds for Roth IRAs

If you’re looking into a Roth IRA, Fidelity has good funds for you. They help build a diverse portfolio for your retirement. Two top picks are the Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX) and the Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund.

Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX)

The Fidelity Total Market Index Fund covers many U.S. stocks. It aims to match the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index’s growth. It has $83.4 billion in assets and a low expense of 0.015%. This makes it great for long-term growth in your Roth IRA.

Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund

The Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund is good for stability and income in your Roth IRA. It invests in a mix of U.S. investment-grade bonds. With a low expense and a big amount under management (we need to find out the exact figure), it can give steady returns and diversify your portfolio.

Using both the Fidelity Total Market Index Fund and the Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund can balance your Roth IRA well. These funds have low costs and good histories. They can boost your savings and help you meet your retirement dreams.

Think about putting part of your Roth IRA in these Fidelity funds. They offer great potential for growth and safety over the years.


Choosing the best Fidelity IRA funds can make a big difference in your retirement savings. It helps you create a diverse investment mix. Think about your risk level, goals, and when you plan to retire. This way, you’ll make smart choices for your future money.

Fidelity gives you many options for Roth IRAs that come with tax perks and can boost your savings. You can pick from a wide array of funds and investments to fit what you want and need. This might mean selecting low-cost funds for steady growth or more active funds for closer management. Fidelity is here to support your choices.

If you’re looking to save for retirement, start now with the top Fidelity IRA funds. Look at all the investment options Fidelity has and see how they could work for you. Mixing your portfolio right can make your retirement safe and enjoyable. So, choose wisely to secure your future.


What are the best Fidelity IRA funds?

The top Fidelity IRA funds are picked based on several factors. These include low fees, Morningstar ratings, and a good track record. They span different types of assets and strategies. This variety helps boost your retirement savings.

Why should I invest in Fidelity IRA funds?

Fidelity is well-known in finance and offers many investment services. Their IRA funds are highly respected and liked by many. By investing in them, you get their experienced insight. This helps create a retirement plan that fits your risk and goals.

What screening criteria were used to select the best Fidelity IRA funds?

The top Fidelity IRA funds were chosen by looking at fees and Morningstar ratings. They should charge less than 0.50% and have three stars or more. They also need to have at least 10 years of success. We looked at mainstream investment options, leaving out specialized and newer strategies.

Which are the best Fidelity index funds for IRAs?

The best Fidelity index funds for IRAs are the Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX) and the Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund. These have low fees and they follow well-known indexes. They give you a wide view of the market’s performance.

What are the best Fidelity actively managed funds for IRAs?

The top Fidelity actively managed funds for IRAs are the Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX) and the Fidelity OTC Portfolio. They include stocks that pay dividends and can grow in value. This mix aims to offer a solid investment strategy.

Which are the best Fidelity bond funds for IRAs?

The best Fidelity bond funds for IRAs include the Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX). These funds hold a variety of U.S. bonds that are rated highly. They offer steady income and a bit of security for your retirement savings.

How can I diversify my IRA with Fidelity sector funds?

Adding Fidelity sector funds, like the Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio (FSELX), can diversify your IRA. These funds target certain industries, such as tech. They can bring growth and spread your investments.

What are the tax advantages of investing in Fidelity Roth IRAs?

Fidelity Roth IRAs come with big tax benefits. Withdrawals in retirement are usually tax-free. By investing with tax already paid, you can avoid future taxes on earnings. This could mean your money grows more over time.

What should I consider when investing in Fidelity Roth IRAs?

When thinking about Fidelity Roth IRAs, watch out for fees and the money needed to start. Opening an account at Fidelity is free, with no yearly fees. But, the things you invest in might have their own fees. With lots of options and no commission, you can tailor a mix of mutual funds, ETFs, and more to your liking.

Which are the best Fidelity funds for Roth IRAs?

The top picks for Roth IRAs at Fidelity are the Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX) and the Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund. They offer a wide view of the U.S. stock market and bonds. Plus, they come with low costs.

How can Fidelity IRA funds help maximize retirement savings?

Using high-performing Fidelity IRA funds can really boost your retirement fund. Pick from index, active, or sector funds. Just keep your risk level, goals, and when you’ll need the money in mind. This way, you can create a strong and custom retirement plan.

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