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Best 1 Year IRA CD Rates

Best 1 Year IRA CD Rates

Looking to boost your retirement savings? Consider a 1 year IRA CD. It offers a fixed term and interest rate, bringing stability to your investment. We’ll go over the top 1 year IRA CD rates to help you choose wisely for your future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in a 1 year IRA CD can provide stability and guaranteed returns for your retirement savings.
  • Top choices for the best 1 year IRA CD rates include credit unions and banks.
  • Consider factors such as minimum deposit requirements and APYs when choosing the best IRA CD rate.
  • Bankrate’s picks for the top IRA CD rates can serve as a valuable resource in your decision-making process.
  • Individual needs and preferences should be taken into account when selecting the best 1 year IRA CD rate.

Bankrate’s picks for the top IRA CD rates

Finding the best IRA CD rates is key. We rely on sources like Bankrate for this. Bankrate is known for its trusted financial data. They’ve researched and listed the top IRA CD rates available today.

These rates are based on the Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) from different banks and credit unions. Only institutions insured by the FDIC or regulated by the NCUA are included in Bankrate’s list.

If you’re after a 1 year IRA CD, Bankrate’s information is crucial. Looking at their top picks can guide your choice. They’re helpful in achieving your financial targets.

Have a look at the IRA CD rates Bankrate recommends:

  • America First Credit Union
  • Suncoast Credit Union
  • Delta Community Credit Union
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union
  • Synchrony Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • Citibank
  • Ally Bank

Bankrate has highlighted these institutions for their great rates and services. We’ll thoroughly check each choice. This will help you pick the right spot for your IRA CD investment.

Keep up with us to learn more about different institutions and their rates. Whether you like credit unions or online banks, there are many options in Bankrate’s list. It’s designed to suit various investment needs.

America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union shines when you’re after top 1 year IRA CD rates. Their rates, between 4.20% to 5.30% APY, are hard to beat. They help you add more to your retirement savings or grow what you already have.

One big plus of picking America First is their member-first approach. Since 1939, they’ve put customers first, ensuring a personal touch in all banking interactions. Your financial dreams are safe with them.

America First makes starting an IRA CD easy with a $500 minimum deposit. It’s great for those without a lot to invest. Also, their services often have fewer fees and better deals compared to big banks.

Yet, America First isn’t just about good rates and easy access. They’re committed to helping you reach your financial dreams. They offer support in retirement and other financial planning, backed by community-focused values.

Choosing where to grow your retirement savings is a big decision. America First Credit Union’s strong 1 year IRA CD rates and dedicated service make it a smart choice. Trust them for a bright financial future.

Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union offers solid 1 year IRA CD rates from 3.85% to 5.50% APY. You can start with $500 for a basic IRA CD or $100,000 for a jumbo IRA CD. This gives all investors, big and small, a chance to grow their savings.

For bigger savings, take a look at Suncoast’s jumbo IRA CDs. They could earn you more than the regular ones. No matter if you’re starting with little or a lot, Suncoast’s IRA CDs can help meet your investment goals.

Suncoast Credit Union

Why choose Suncoast Credit Union for your IRA CD?

  • Competitive rates: Suncoast Credit Union’s rates are top-notch, meaning more money back for you.
  • Flexible deposit options: They require $500 for regular IRA CDs and $100,000 for jumbo IRA CDs. This suits investors of all sizes.
  • Trusted institution: Suncoast has earned a strong reputation, serving its community for 80 years.
  • Member-friendly services: Here, you get more than IRA CDs. Enjoy free checking, helpful loans, and personalized advice.

Thinking about saving for retirement? Think Suncoast. Their great rates, flexible choices, and member satisfaction show they’re a dependable pick for growing your money.

Delta Community Credit Union

Looking for great IRA CD rates in Georgia? Delta Community Credit Union is a top pick. They offer rates from 4.00% to 5.15% APY for your 1-year IRA CD. Feel sure about your investment’s returns.

Since 1940, Delta Community Credit Union has been a key player in Georgia. It’s a trusted name, committed to serving its members well. Even if you’re in metro Atlanta or anywhere else in the state, Delta Community has you covered with easy banking access.

Getting started with a 1-year IRA CD is easy, with a $1,000 minimum deposit at Delta Community. Invest in your retirement with confidence, knowing you’re with a reliable credit union.

Choosing Delta Community for your IRA CD means becoming part of a group that values solid financial moves and personalized care. Their competitive rates and focus on keeping members happy make them a go-to for Georgia residents wanting a better financial future.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is a strong choice for 1 year IRA CD rates. It’s the world’s largest credit union, offering many financial services. It’s known for its stability, making it a trusted choice for investors.

For a 1 year IRA CD, Navy Federal offers rates from 2.75% to 3.75% APY. While not the market’s highest, these rates are secure and reliable for your retirement.

If you’re thinking of joining or are already a member, Navy Federal is dependable. They have many branches and online services for easy IRA CD management. You can access your funds without trouble.

Choosing Navy Federal for your IRA CD means your money is federally insured. This protects it from market changes. They’re also praised for top-notch customer service, helping you at every step of your investment process.

For all investors, Navy Federal offers a dependable 1 year IRA CD choice. As the world’s top credit union, it proves its dedication to members’ financial health. This makes it a solid place to invest whether you’re new to investing or have lots of experience.

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

Looking for top 1 year IRA CD rates? Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union in Texas stands out. They offer rates between 3.31% to 5.07% APY. You can open one with just $1,000, making it easy for many to save.

This credit union is big in Texas, serving areas like San Antonio and Austin. Over 1 million people trust it. If you live in these places or nearby, it’s a great place for an IRA CD.

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union offers more than just IRA CDs. For example, they have a free checking account. It’s perfect to use alongside your IRA CD, making it easy to handle your daily money matters.

Why choose Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union for your IRA CD?

  • Competitive rates: They give rates from 3.31% to 5.07% APY. This is great for a 1 year IRA CD.
  • Accessible minimum deposit: The $1,000 minimum is reasonable. It helps more people start their IRA CD easily.
  • Trusted institution: With 1 million members, it’s known for being a reliable financial partner in Texas.
  • Additional banking services: Besides IRA CDs, they offer a handy free checking account too.

By choosing Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union for your 1 year IRA CD, you get more than good rates. You also benefit from a reliable Texas credit union. Start growing your retirement savings with them today.

Texas credit unions

Synchrony Bank

Looking to open a 1 year IRA CD online? Synchrony Bank is a top pick. They’re known for their competitive rates. You can find 1 year IRA CD rates at Synchrony Bank from 0.25% to 4.80% APY.

Synchrony Bank might have slightly lower rates than credit unions. But, they offer easy access for investors. Since it’s an online bank, you can handle your IRA CD from home.

When starting an IRA CD at Synchrony Bank, you have to call them. That’s because they don’t have physical branches or online signup forms. Yet, they have a helpful customer support team ready to guide you.

Choosing Synchrony Bank for your 1 year IRA CD is a smart move. But, be sure to read the terms closely. And, talk to someone at the bank if you’re not sure about anything.

Discover Bank

Discover Bank is a top choice for the best 1 year IRA CD rates. They offer rates from 2.00% to 4.70% APY. You can start with as little as $2,500 or go bigger to earn more. It’s a great place to put your money.

One thing that stands out about Discover Bank is its many deposit options. They have high-yield savings and money market accounts. And they even have cashback checking. This lets you pick what’s best for your saving needs.

In 2019, Discover Bank got rid of fees on their deposit products. This is good news for saving more and getting a good rate on a 1 year IRA CD.

Looking for a place with great IRA CD rates and many saving options? Discover Bank fits the bill. They are known for top-notch customer care and not charging fees. It’s a smart choice for anyone who wants to grow their money.


Citibank is one of the largest banks in the U.S. It offers competitive 1 year IRA CD rates from 0.05% to 5.13% APY. With a $250 minimum deposit, it’s a good choice for many investors. Even though they might not have the highest rates, their solid reputation and wide range of services make up for it.

If a 1 year IRA CD interests you, Quanganhtong Citibank is a good place to look. They are well-known across the United States. Their IRA CD rates are competitive, offering growth and stability for your retirement. Their options suit both experienced investors and those just starting to save for the future.

Citibank also has a high-yield savings account in some places. This account offers a competitive APY. Pairing this with an IRA CD can help with saving more smartly. Diversifying your savings this way gives you the benefits of various investment options.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank stands out for online-only banks’ 1 year IRA CD rates. Their rates go from 3.00% to 4.50% APY, which are pretty good. What’s cool is there’s no minimum deposit required. So, it’s open for anyone, no matter the budget.

The special thing about Ally Bank is their Raise Your Rate CD. Imagine – you can up your rate once if general rates rise. This means more money for you without risks. It’s a sweet deal for looking forward to better rates.

Not only does Ally Bank have good rates, but it’s also secure and user-friendly. The online platform is easy to use, and help is always available. They’re known for caring about their customers, adding to their good name.

For a great 1 year IRA CD option, Ally Bank is one to check out. Their rates, easy start-up, and the Raise Your Rate CD are perfect for growing your retirement fund.


Putting money in a 1 year IRA CD is a smart move to make your retirement money grow. By looking for the top IRA CD rates, you can earn more and ensure you have a financial safety net.

Our findings from Bankrate give you a good number of choices, from credit unions to banks. The best pick for your 1 year IRA CD will suit what you specifically need and like. Remember to check the minimum deposit, the APY, and how trusted the bank is.

Finding a good balance between a solid interest rate and a bank you trust is key for your IRA CD. Do your homework and compare offers. Keep your financial aims in mind and see how the IRA CD rate plays into your retirement savings plan. Thoughtful choices lead to finding the best 1 year IRA CD rate for you.


What is an IRA CD?

An IRA CD is a type of certificate of deposit. It’s meant for retirement savings and has a fixed interest rate. This means your money is safe when you save for the future.

What is the advantage of investing in a 1 year IRA CD?

A 1 year IRA CD is good since it locks in your money for a year. It gives you a certain interest rate. This way, you know what you will earn, even in a changing market.

Why should I consider investing in a 1 year IRA CD?

A 1 year IRA CD is great for bumping up your retirement savings. It keeps your money safe, even when the market is up and down. So, you could get more out of your investment.

How do IRA CD rates work?

IRA CD rates are based on the annual percentage yield (APY) you make. The higher the APY, the more interest you’ll get from your IRA CD.

Do credit unions offer competitive 1 year IRA CD rates?

Absolutely. Credit unions like America First Credit Union, Suncoast Credit Union, and Delta Community Credit Union have good rates for 1 year IRA CDs. These options are strong if you want a steady growth and good return.

Are there any advantages to investing in a jumbo IRA CD?

Yes, jumbo IRA CDs can give you more return. They are good if you have a lot to put in. So, it’s for those who can invest a larger amount.

Are online banks a reliable option for 1 year IRA CDs?

Online banks like Synchrony Bank and Ally Bank are great choices for 1 year IRA CDs. They may have lower rates than credit unions. But, they are easy to use and accessible for many people.

What factors should I consider when choosing the best 1 year IRA CD rate?

Think about the minimum deposit, the APY, and the bank’s reputation when looking for the best 1 year IRA CD rate. Considering these things will help you find an option that suits you best.

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